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Infinite Cosmo Studio Founder's

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Muskan  Celeste

Muskan Celeste is a passionate, self-taught digital immigrant. A motivational speaker and full-time freelancer based in Mumbai, Bollywood, India. She's the Founder of Infinite Cosmo Studio, with over 6+ years of experience in creative content writing, graphic designing, web developing, voice-over, and digital art.

As an entrepreneur, she started by volunteering at theaters and got pro at coordinating media traffic and staff. As an enthusiastic and independent digital immigrant, who is eager and self-sufficient to acquire skills, she has a strong grasp on content strategizing and business optimization. She successfully delivered to 25+ companies in 2021 and landed a Multi-Source Platform with Infinite Cosmo Studio and Team.


Samantha Gibertas

Samantha Lie Catherine II B. Gibertas belongs to the medical and caring fields and is based in Surigao City, Philippines. As a Co-Founder of Infinite Cosmo Studio, she has the ability to work effectively in a team environment, and she undertook counseling well under pressure with minimal supervision in her career. 


As an experienced, certified professional nurse in her assigned unit, she has performed frequent assessments, interventions, and evaluations, including monitoring and tracking vital signs and performing procedures such as administering medications, catheterization, and other routine nursing procedures.


She is well versed in developing counseling and nursing care plans both in hospitals and virtual sessions, committed to providing the maximum level of care and comfort to patients. Implement professional nursing care in accordance with the standard nursing procedure and medical direction.

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Margarita  &   Zammantha

Margarita & Zammantha are a couple based in California, USA, with a passion for creativity — creativity makes them happy. They are the Founder's of "Darkiest Fantasy." A thoughtful idea found through creativity focused on Freedom and Equality beyond one's hesitation. And Co-Founder's of Infinite Cosmo Studio as Management Contributor of Fantasy Store and Choco Hub.

They believe in the evaluating power of mother nature and humanity and their ability to simplify communications while elevating experiences and engaging and inspiring people all across the world to make something beautiful together.

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