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10 Best Products to Customize and Sell in Print-On-Demand E-Commerce Store

Updated: Mar 2

Are you pondering over what custom products to sell in print-on-demand e-commerce stores? This article will show you a selection of products that sell well in print-on-demand e-commerce stores. Surveys show these products are in high demand in the international market.

What are 10 Best-selling Print-On-Demand Products?

1. Face Masks

In recent years, The demand for face masks has increased following the COVID-19 pandemic. Though people are taking the COVID-19 vaccine as a control measure, developing and selling custom products, including face masks in print-on-demand stores, will serve the interests of the majority of people all over the world.

2. Water Bottles

Water bottles come in different forms and shapes, but the right one to choose for a print-on-demand e-commerce store may depend on the prevailing market conditions and your target customers. Thermoses and sports bottles are top selections you can sell on print-on-demand platforms. Since customers consider nonrenewable materials a threat to the environment, they won’t hesitate to patronize print-on-demand reusable bottles if you produce them.

3. Bedsheets

The demand for bed sheets has increased drastically due to several reasons, including migration and the building of houses, hotels, schools, and hospitals. Bedsheet sales soar up when people upgrade their homes, especially during lockdowns. Bedsheets usually sell well in e-commerce stores, making them ideal for print-on-demand distribution.

4. Phone Covers

Want to develop and sell custom products? Think of phone covers. Since most people use phones, phone covers are in high demand. According to statistics, the number of phone users in 2021 was 7.1 billion. You can imagine how high the interest in phone covers will be. This makes phone covers ideal for print-on-demand e-commerce stores.

You can design custom phone covers with catchy images, colours, and messages to attract customers. Custom products are easy to identify and sell as print-on-demand items.

5. Stickers

According to surveys, stickers are popular print-on-demand items. They are easy to print and deliver to customers. Stickers, like wall decals, appeal to customers because of their aesthetic value. Google Trends reports show the demand for stickers has been increasing since 2004.

6. T-shirts

Though many suppliers sell T-shirts, T-shirts remain one of the top-selling print-on-demand products. To outrank your competitors, you must have a unique brand that will attract more customers. You can achieve this by choosing a variety of colours and styles to design your T-shirts to match the needs of your target customers.

7. Jewellery

Jewellery, including earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, can be a perfect addition to any print-on-demand digital store. Since jewellery is lightweight, shipping them to customers is easy. Jewellery makes good gifts. Though creating and producing jewellery is quite expensive, you can earn a substantial income from selling jewellery. Using influencers to promote your print-on-demand jewellery can also increase your sales.

8. Tote Bags

Since you can easily design tote bags to meet any requirement, you can sell them as a print-on-demand product. Surveys show that more people buy tote bags daily because of migration, urbanization, and transportation. To increase the sales of your tote bags, you can sell them at a discounted rate. This can motivate people to patronize your tote bags. For nearly two decades, the sales of tote bags have been increasing.

9. Mugs

Since mugs can be used for different purposes, many people buy them. The demand for mugs is high throughout the year. You can customize your mugs by adding unique designs to your design template. This will make your mugs appealing and visible to anyone. Well-designed mugs are usually top sellers.

10. Bluetooth Speakers

The worldwide demand for Bluetooth speakers makes them worth selling as a print-on-demand product. According to Statista, Bluetooth device shipments in 2020 were 4 billion units. They estimate that the annual shipment of Bluetooth devices will reach 6.4 billion units in 2025. The figures show you can earn more income by selling Bluetooth speakers in print-on-demand e-commerce stores.

Friendly Conclusion

Research shows the above products sell well in e-commerce stores. Apart from being top sellers, they are easy to deliver to customers everywhere. If you have a passion for excelling in online business, you can focus on these custom products.

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