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5 Brands With Professional Websites Developed on Wix

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

A powerful online presence is imperative to the growth of any business. Years back, businesses relied solely on print advertisements, cold calls, and word of mouth for their success. However, they have used marketing media to drive traffic to their services in recent years.

Globally, clients are always in search of great online services from businesses. Thus, you want to ensure a great online presence that leaves a lasting impression. A well-designed website is a requirement to market your business online successfully. A website that is well-suited to your business is vital.

Wix is a great website design platform that is free, user-friendly and has powerful in-built features to design your website professionally. A successfully developed website on Wix requires absolutely no coding skills and is easy to accomplish. This article will focus on some brands that have developed their websites on Wix to help inspire you to create a lasting online presence.

5 businesses built on the Wix builder

Different brands have taken the initiative to command a strong online presence with websites built on the Wix platform. Such businesses exude professionalism. They range from artists, independent contractors, health practitioners, and entrepreneurs, to name a few. These five brands should inspire you to develop a website on Wix for your business.


Wix is a leading website development platform with millions of users worldwide. The site helps to create a beautiful and professional web presence for entrepreneurs, artists, healthcare practitioners, and independent contractors.

The Wix website Itself is built on a WIX builder with thousands of templates, apps and coding panels which enables users to create a free, fully personalized, high-quality, easy-to-use site that can be fully customized to your liking. Wix also offers the option of hiring professional web designers if you choose to develop a website on Wix. This option is easy for the brand as your website can be designed and launched by newbies with no coding experience as well as experts.


Karlie Kloss is an American-based entrepreneur, model, and philanthropist. Her passion for technology pushed her to take her first coding classes in 2014. By 2015, she launched a Kode with Klossy program to empower girls between the ages of 13-18 to join the tech world by learning to code.

Her website features both her personal and professional brands. The site features a full-screen portrait of Karlie, paired with her name and work. This is good for a website as it offers site visitors an insight into the individual behind the website. The website homepage offers a detailed description of her modeling career, her passion for technology and her coding camps. The website also provides direct access to all of her social media pages.


This website was established in 2015 but officially launched in 2021. The site's homepage includes personalized services in design-build and content creation. This website helps businesses build relationships with clients while also ensuring that customer satisfaction is met.

Visitors to the site can access the site faster due to its access speed; the site is easy to use with personalized services strategically placed for the showcase. This website engages the user. The site provides virtual one-on-one services such as professional support that can be outsourced via the internet.

The developed website offers personalized course options to choose from. Such courses range from freelance writing to design tools and management. It also has a dedicated blog post section where they post their professional services or access the services offered.

The website also offers affiliate bookstore links where a certain percentage of commission is used for website maintenance for better performance. The company is about to come up with new exciting projects such as the Rewarding system for their Loyal Audience and more products in their E-commerce model.


This website helps students with their exams by providing guidance. The website's homepage features an "About Us" page that helps site visitors understand their services. This improves the user experience. This website provides all the information to all the student's frequently asked questions.

The website provides downloadable study materials for students to make revision for their exams easier. It also provides tailored classes for materials for further understanding while providing forum pages and one-on-one chats in case you require further explanations on certain topics or pressing issues that require feedback.


This website showcases a combination of both Chinese and Indian cuisine served in a bistro-like atmosphere. The homepage features the name of the restaurant, contact and location information for easy access by customers.

The website also has a delivery option to simplify the user experience for those who are not able to access the restaurant physically. This developed website on Wix offers a comment section and a review box to allow customers to rate their experience. This helps other site viewers determine whether the business services are worth paying for.

Friendly Conclusion

We have mentioned a few brands that have developed websites on Wix. A website is a key tool in developing a strong online presence for any business looking to leave a lasting impression online. The Wix website builder is a free-to-use design platform that requires no coding skills. An online presence exudes professionalism, and the mentioned brands should inspire you to build your website with the Wix builder for a lasting online impression.

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