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8 Types of Dating Relationship

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

8 Types of Dating Relationship

A dating relationship is where two people are in love, irrespective of their social class, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, and gender. Agree to explore each other and decide its sustainability amicably. Dating is basically the first step in order to get to know each other. There are different stages of dating relationships as well, which decide the future of a relationship. For example, some relationships take a long time to come to a conclusion, whereas some choose it too soon.

8 Different types of relationship

Although there are different types of relationships, we will take note of these eight different types of dating relationships, which are very much known and talked about.

1. Intimate Relationship

It involves intimacy, which can be physical, emotional, sexual, or other passionate attachments that may be tangled. Although an intimate relationship usually involves a sexual relationship, it can be a non-sexual relationship as well. According to ABC News and American Sex Survey, Intimacy in a relationship can give you mental satisfaction. You can become a better person because an intimate relationship has a tremendous interest in your personality, mindset, and ability to think things differently.

2. Casual Relationship

Friends with benefits! Have you ever heard this? Then this is what a casual relationship means. When you are not looking for anything serious or you are not going to marry the person, this one is for you! A casual relationship can vary from person to person what might be their expectation from this relationship. Some may be only for sexual intimacy, while others may not.

3. Friendship

When both persons are contented to talk and connect to each other, but there is a lack of sexual intimacy, this is friendship. As we all know, friendship is an eternal relationship, as holy as the Celestial Lake and the sacred history of relationships between persons. Friendship plays an important role in understanding other people making a relationship with others and communicating or being social with others.

4. Polyamory

Polyamory is slightly different from all of the above; it doesn’t involve having only one partner. Instead, polyamory practices have more than one partner or multiple partners; try to equal the amount of time and attention given to each partner to avoid any differences. However, this type of dating is less culturally common and is not often revealed or accepted publicly. Polyamory may help you to understand people to home your meeting at a time but not best for the one who is obsessed with Blush’s story like me.

5. Long-distance relationship

A long-distance relationship is where two people are in love but geographically are far apart from each other and are unable to meet each other on a regular basis. Couples in a long-distance relationship usually find it hard to cope with each other as there is a lack of physical intimacy, which strengthens the connection making it have a stronger bond than usual if they last for years.

A long-distance friend could be found maybe through social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other medium that you can use to talk to your friend or meet.

6. Monogamy

Monogamy relationships are quite the ordinary ones! It involves only one primary companion during their lifetime or at a time. This primary person will be the sole holder for each other. Monogamy is an ideal relationship because you are limited to only one person who is your everything in this relation.

7. Platonic love

A Platonic love relationship does not involve a sexual connection; however, it involves deep affection and intimacy. Thus, spiritual love comprises a strong bond of love, but its desire is not sexual. It can be said to be a pure eternal love because you are not limited to sexual desires, and you are not intended to do sex; therefore, it can be considered an everlasting peace and love.

8. Codependency

In a codependency relationship, a person is totally dependent upon the other partner, either emotionally or sexually. This might be a big problem in your life as it might cause complications in the different zones of your life. It’s the same as the situation where you will not be able to stay away from your respective partner. So be aware!


Relationships that are trending these days are the ones that don’t require any commitment as everybody is busy in this today’s world where one or the other person has their own ambition or requirement, and they want that this should not be a hurdle to their goal.

The world in which we live today is more social as compared to the physical, and therefore social relationships are preferred over physical relationships. Today people prefer social relationships. It may be friendship or any other type of relationship. Still, social media plays a vital role in building a new relationship with any other person in the world, wherever it may be. It is a reality that cannot be falsified, that social media has brought people closer and nearer to each other.

Is it compulsory to be in a relationship?

No, not at all! Honestly, it all depends upon your situation and your wish. You may choose to be single forever as far as you desire. If you wish to get into a relationship with someone, you can quickly find someone of your interest. However, It’s up to you to choose if you want to get into a relationship or remain single as far as you want, depending on your mental situation or needs.

friendly Conclusion

The only thing that matters while dating is that the relationship is perfect as long as you are happy and in love with your partner. It is important to note that relationships may have different types and forms, but you don’t need to be in any of them if you are not happy. A relationship is all about your satisfaction with your partner. A relationship plays a crucial role in your social life, in your morality, or your personality.

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