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A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer (The Curse breaker Series)

A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer

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A Curse So Dark and Lonely


Fantasy Fiction


Brigid Kemmerer



Book Theme

Imaginative variation of the Beauty and the Beast


7th Grade

Suggest age

17 years

​Edition of Book

First Edition

Origin of Book

United States

Weight of Book

1.5 pounds

Format of Book

Printed copy

Number of pages


Dimensions of Book

6.27 x1.61 x 9.25 inches

Have you read Beauty and the beast? Then this book is a retelling of it. It is a story of a prince who a power enchantress curses; he is an heir of Emberfall who initially thought that only getting a girl to fall for him will remove the curse. Things change when he turns into a beast and destroys the palace and all his family members. On the other hand, Harper has cerebral palsy; after losing her mother, things have not been easy with her father and her brother, who constantly underestimate her. The flow of the storyline is effortless, and every minor child can easily follow.

How does this book influence your reading choice?

After reading the book I loved how Brigid combined the fantasy world with the modern world, making the combination blend very well. Due to the curse, Khen turns into a beast every summer, and he sends each assistant out to search for a girl who will fall for him, but things do not change. Although the idea of Beauty and the Beast has been told many times, honestly my people after reading this book, I felt as if I read it for the first time.

This work of Brigid is highly commendable as the content flow is enthusiastic that I was drawn reading the book, which I finished within a blink of an eye. Moreover, I loved the way the author, although the book is a love story, focused on romantic love and love for family, country, and self-love to sum it all.

An introduction to the creator behind the idea

The book's author, a curse so dark and lonely, is Brigid Kemmerer, a known queen of YA contemporary. Her books have become amazon's bestsellers since her first book; her writing creativity is of another level as she uses our life experiences in her book, thus making the story more fancy and exciting.

She uses Harper as the main character, who, despite her shortcomings, can save the prince from his unbearable situation. Brigid is a full-time writer who lives with her husband, kids, and dogs in Baltimore.

Friendly conclusion

This is a fantasy book that retells the story of Beauty and the Beast, which most of you have heard about. It is good to read a book because the author has written in a way in which the connectivity of events makes it more unique and fantastic. To fantasy and romantic lovers, this is the best book for you. To get this and more books, Kindly check out the latest offer by clicking Buy Now option at the top.

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