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Aide Memoire - A blast from the past!

Updated: May 29, 2022

Aide Memoire -  short story

As I was sitting in my small workshop with my wife sitting with her large canvas, I solely made this a sign of my love toward you, my wife!

It's a small jewelry workshop where I make handmade jewelry from raw materials. It's been years since I made my first piece. It was a waistband made out of gold-plated silver beads. I sat there cutting down each ounce of silver, hammering it into bead shape slowly, repeating the same process countless times. Bead by bead joined by an unbreakable steel cable, it was made to fit perfectly on her perfect waist.

We were 24 at that time, and I wasn't officially her husband till the next two years. I went to her and asked her to take off her shirt, to which she smirked and agreed within a second, but my plans were different tonight, so after blindfolding her, I reached down and grasped her waistband with my hands as I locked it into place.

She loved it! So much so that she never took it off until I replaced it with a new one.

On that day, we sat at the coffee table, the same table from the same store, where we met each other for the first time. We sat with our diaries reading and reliving every moment from our past. We were sharing what we had written; I wish we had done this sooner; probably we would've known each other even better, But now we will. We sat there for almost an entire day, telling each other stories from our past and plans for our future; the day ended just like it did on the first day we met, two souls ready to become one. But unlike that day, there was one crucial difference, that day we went to our home together despite going individually! So what did we figure out today?

Why am I doing all this? To make her happy? Of course, but where does this idea come from?

So I was arranging my old books one day. I found my old diary, aide-memoire, back in those days when I was studying in my room used to wonder about what would happen in my future, what I'll do in my future and I used to write down all these ideas that I wanted to do when I am successful and wealthy! It had ideas as simple as buying a smartphone to as amazing as creating a better friend circle, and one of such things was to make jewelry for my wife.

So when I started dating you, Mahi, I was very sure I'd Marry you.

Well, I guess you succeeded pretty nicely at that Vivek.

It wasn't an easy task, ask me! And the day I gifted you the waistband, I was 100 percent sure that this girl would be my wife because that waistband wasn't removable; well, glad you didn't try to remove it!

So I didn't just make a waistband; there's one more thing that I want my significant other to have a necklace,

It was a necklace with similar type silver beads first played with gold and then again plated with platinum and then carved into the shape of a leaf. Why leaf? Because, Leaves symbolize life, leaves symbolize purity, leaves are the part of the tree that gives us oxygen and purifies our air, leaves are nature's symbols, and since we are nothing but characters in nature, hence leaf - taken straight from my diary!

As I made the first set of necklaces and waistbands for my wife, I thought about how much this quantifies my love for her? Not by a lot! So I decided I wouldn't just make one; I'd make five pairs.

Every pair is made of more valuable materials and requires more time and effort to build. She was given the first pair when we were 24, and my plan was to give her one pair every ten years.

As we all know, the first pair was made of silver with gold plating. The second pair was made of gold with platinum plating. The third pair was made of pearls and obsidian beads and palladium leaf plated with Rhodium. The fourth pair was obviously made of diamonds, and the only metal that should be used with diamond is again platinum, sadly. And the last pair was made of black opals. Opals are my favorite stone, and that's why they'll be shining on my wife's body on her 64th birthday; she hasn't even aged one day since then!

But as we were talking a lot about what I wanted to do, I remember in that pile of books I found another day which was her diary, her aide-memoire, she had a lot of dreams she always wanted to do, and it was time for her to do everything she always wished for. Fortunately, her wishes weren't as expensive as mine.

Calligraphy, drawing, and writing stories were talents not everyone could have, but she was extraordinary at them. The way she used the brush was like they were made for her. At the end of each artwork, the level of creativity was so high that even the tools were surprised that they could create such artwork at the end of every story.

She created various things like nature and erotic art and complimented them with extremely engaging stories. Her work was like a living person; once you start engaging with it, you'll then get to know it, and you'll marry this person at one point. Her hands were stable like a gimbal and nimble as a puppeteer when she was writing, increasing pressure as the Letter progressed and fading it out at the end; the immense concentration she had while doing her art was like a swan in the zone!

She used to sit just beside where I was sitting and create a painting fully immersed in becoming one with the art. And within a few years, our small home wasn't big enough, so we did what her past always wished her future to do; we moved them into her own art gallery. She was filled with countless pages of novels, calligraphy, and paintings; she stood in the middle like a queen within her state.

But what's something in our diaries that was common? What was something that we both wanted to do? We wished for a better world, a better society, and a better life.

So we both got out of our homes, starting with helping everyone in need. We traveled across India, learning more about every culture, learning from every tribe, and incorporating it into our lives; we both wished for it. To become better before we start to make this world better.

We were planning to create a place where each person loved the other one like their own family member; we all treated each other like our families.

A place where none of us needed to lock our doors, and none of us needed to worry about our families when we were gone. It was a place where no secrets were kept, a place where everyone helped everyone with every bit of hiccup and eventually rose to the top.

We traveled to learn how these tribes live in such harmony with nature. The secret to that was lesser expectations and more support. We kept finding like-minded people on our way, and soon we were a family of more than 100 couples going towards the same goal. Now it was time for us to make our dream come true and tell Everyone how an ideal should be. To bring back all the lost souls to gather and establish the harmony of nature and process what we have lost. We both invested our time and energy in establishing our first nano-tech program, which was a tremendous success from door to door.

She contributed her talent and love of nature to spread awareness of the damage humans cause to the environment and make people aware of what can be done to prevent these disasters in the future—helping people to recycle all the harmful - waste from mother nature's lap to proceeding it to our company which makes friendly goods out of recycling waste. We have created a self-sustainable world, which is the best environment we can do for our generations.

But as I'm reading this diary, I feel what I invested at the beginning of the journey was nothing compared to what I have lost already. Look at me; I have a trillion of a business empire, a successful businessman, investor, and inventor of the first most biodegradable programming tech. But couldn't even save my wife. The only person I have loved the most.

As I stand here looking at your picture, at the smile I always have carved for. I keep promising myself to live this life for both of us; while these memories are slowly fading in my eyes but I couldn't forget that it's our 64th anniversary, my love. "Happy anniversary."

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