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Attitude Quotes" that might kill your Ex's

Updated: May 29, 2022

Best Attitude Quotes

What makes you yourself is your attitude of thinking and reacting. Add the most relatable Quotes to your list and let your attitude of words speak. Let your haters drink on jealousy with all of your positive attitudes.

10 Best Attitude Quotes For Your Ex.

1. "I wasn't born player.

I was trained by professional

heart brokers." -Muskan Celeste

best player quotes

2. "I realized this whole shit is mess,

As soon

she started giving excuses." - Muskan Celeste

best excuse quotes

3. "Go ahead! Fuck my ancestors,

But only legends could handle this

real shits." - Muskan Celeste

legend quotes

4. "Don't mess around,

I don't give free trials,

Get a premium subscription." - Muskan celeste

don't mess with me quotes

5. "Jingle bell, Jingle bell;

Go ahead! fuck yourself,

I don't care." - Muskan celeste

don't give a fuck quotes

6. "Loyalty is so fucking

Royal and precious

that everyone doesn't deserve it." - Muskan Celeste

best loyalty quotes

7. "I'm grateful' She blocked me on

Social media that day,

Heard nowadays she's trying to get

Appointment from my "PA" ?" - Muskan Celeste

best revenge quotes

8. "And all of sudden I stopped caring

about those who never deserved me." - Muskan Celeste

sad love story quotes

9. "Believe me you were the sweetest

Person I ever talked to,

Now trust me you're in my

"I don't care"

list." - Muskan Celeste

i don't care quotes

10. "Even if you're standing naked in

front of me I won't give a fuck,

Cuz I don't deal with shits

which aren't mine." - Muskan Celeste

don't give a shit quotes

Friendly Conclusion

Here we come to the end of our best-killing "Attitude Quotes". Infinite Cosmo Studio works to offer its audience a shoulder to lean on for a moment and make the right decisions. Either by diverting themselves by any means or taking a break from their tense situation. Kindly note that we don't mean to harm or hurt anyone's feelings by any means.

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