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Defy the Night by Brigid Kemmerer

Defy the Night by Brigid Kemmerer

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Defy the Night




Brigid Kemmerer



Book Theme



8th Grade

Suggest age

17 years

Edition of Book

First edition

Origin of Book

United States

Weight of Book

1.35 pounds

Formate of Book

Printed copy

Number of pages


Dimensions of Book

6.33 x1.35 x9.29 inches

Corruption has been on the rise in the past few years worldwide. The term "corruption" has become our day-to-day lullaby; it has affected the governance of many countries, even the economic development of the minority group. In this book, Brigid talks about the corruption that led to the division of a kingdom and how a girl risks everything to make sure that the world becomes normal again. This book reveals the differences between those with power (cruel prince) and those without (citizens).

How does this book influence your reading choice?

This book of choice blends well with those who love fantasy or romance novels. After reading the book, I found it fantastic and captivating as it offers both romance and adventure. The characters in this book react like a normal human being would, thus making the book more realistic.

The storyline is straightforward to follow as the Kingdom experiences the disaster of an illness, and the royal palace must find a way to cure their people; the cure was only one from a Moonflower. Tessa gets tired of seeing how her neighbors are dying and how the royals are neglecting them. She risks her life and goes to steal the petals to bring them to the most affected.

An introduction to the creator behind the idea

The author behind the book Defy by Night is a New York Times bestselling writer, Brigid Kemmerer. She has also written other novels like "A Curse So Dark and Lonely" and paranormal YA stories. The author has been gaining popularity as a young writer for years now, and her books are gaining more readers every day.

Brigid uses primary day-to-day life experiences to address the issues of the greed of power and how the minority group ends up suffering in the face of their leaders. We are shown by the author how the prince struggled to keep the Kingdom united following increased rumors of rebellion among the more significant population.

Friendly conclusion

This book is a combination of political romance and drama, and to sum it all up, the writer's knowledge of her content is commendable. Tessa is an agent of change in this novel as he is brave enough to stand up for the community in front of the king.

Her caring character makes the book more enjoyable; on the other hand, the two brothers react mercilessly to any signs of rebellion; their cruelty is out of range. The book's flow keeps the reader captive and becomes a book of choice for many readers. You can easily access this book and others in our book stores; by clicking Buy Now option at the top to get this and other more exciting books.

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