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For Women: How to Write an Attractive Online Dating Profile?

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

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A nice profile is fundamental if you're a woman looking forward to dating a guy online. Of course, you'll need compelling images, but guys seeking a genuine relationship will look beyond a lovely face to learn more about you. It would be lovely if everyone could get past your foibles and see what an interesting, unique, and loving person you are, but that isn't how online dating works.

A generic online dating profile that says nothing or says the wrong things about you will be ignored by every man you want to connect with. There are a number of single, decent guys to date on the internet; if you hope to date one of them, speak to them directly, not the masses! Consider the possibility that your ideal partner will read your profile. How will he recognize you as their perfect match?

5 tips for writing an attractive online dating profile:

1. Give an overview of who you are.

Begin your profile by stating your most prominent and positive personality traits. Are you amusing? Outgoing? Creative? Loyal? Affectionate? Do you have intellectual curiosity? Choose three or four adjectives that best define you. If you're having trouble describing yourself, ask your friends for assistance. What would they say about you to a man they introduced you to? Include what you're passionate about as well.

Besides, don't rely on the "describe your job and move on" tactic. It's not a résumé, and you shouldn't put too much emphasis on your occupation. But, maybe more significantly, what kind of relationship do you seek. Do you wish to date a guy from any part of the world? Do you wish to date a guy who is quite oppressive? Also, what are your interests and passions? Is it most important to you to make music? Taking care of others? Are you interested in writing books?

So, say so if you're interested in learning new languages and going on vacations to put your skills to the test. The ideal man will think that's fantastic. Don't play all your cards on the first go but leave them a little bit curious thinking about you, which apparently means stop boring conversation where you ask if you had lunch for the 7th time a day.

2. Don't focus on character but on characteristics.

This cannot be overstated. Please make sure to mention who you'd like to meet in your profile without being too detailed about their traits. Do not include your ideal partner's hobbies, height, physical shape, education, or interests in your profile.

Focusing on character allows you to be more explicit about your values, which will appeal to like-minded men. If you focus on these traits, you risk sounding superficial, inflexible, or demanding. These are not appealing characteristics!

3. Don't tell, but show.

Make sure to show the reader what you mean when you write about who you are and how you spend your life. You want to attract the right men to you, and in order to do so, you must be precise.

Instead of saying "I love to have fun," say something like, "I love having fun—my ideal weekend includes dancing and a Netflix binge." That may not be everyone's notion of fun, but it is yours. However, own it!

4. Decide on the story you wish to tell.

Your dating profile is a narrative in itself. It shouldn't be a novel but rather a short story that reflects your character. It may be about a writer, a world traveler with ambition, or a nerdy, honest introvert. It might also portray the story of a vengeful perfectionist or a simple optimist wishing to date a guy. Examine your profile, images, and text and ask yourself, "Who am I portraying?" What kind of life story am I telling?

5. Double-check your spelling and punctuation.

Finally, since we're discussing profile writing, I must cover spelling and punctuation. There is a lot of incorrect grammar and spelling out there. In addition, many online dating profiles cite spelling errors and poor language as pet peeves.

While many people may overlook errors, don't make the mistake of displeasing someone just because you didn't employ proper punctuation. Others will recognize and value the effort and thought that flow through your profile. As a result, try to remedy your blunders!

10 Online Dating Template for Women

Are you a woman? Are you prepared to take the dive into the realm of online dating? Are you struggling to write your profile without rambling on and on and on forever? Here's a template to help you create a dating profile that's intriguing, playful, and not too long. I hope it encourages you to be more self-assured, connect with someone special, and who knows? Perhaps you'll even find true love.

Template: A little about me:

1. I think every morning should begin with _______________ and every evening should end with _______________.

Example: Every morning should start with a strong cup of coffee (a triple shot of espresso, please!), and every evening should end with cuddling, warm blankets, and perhaps a Netflix video or two.

2. I am pleased with myself when _______________. I become angry with myself when _______________ ( I am, however, working on it.)

Example: I am pleased when I complete a large, difficult endeavor, especially a creative project. I become angry with myself whenever I'm overworked. (but I'm working on it).

3. My number one goal, right now, is _______________.

Ex: Right now, my top priority is finishing my next book. I'll tell you more if you remind me at our first meeting.

4. I am the master chef in my house ______________.

If you looked inside my refrigerator right now, you'd discover iced coffee, milk, caramel, various types of cheese, prosciutto, grapes, weird mustards, salad fixings, and leftovers from last night's Thai takeout.

5. My favorite thing about being in a relationship is __________________.

Example: My favorite part of being in a relationship is when you both realize that staying in on a Saturday night and just being together is the most exciting "plan" you can think of.

6. If we go on a date, you can expect __________________.

Example: You should expect a lot of questions if we go on a date (for example, "Have you ever slept off in a bath?").Because when I'm nervous, I'm prone to asking a lot of questions.

7. The best thing about me that I have been informed of is _________.

Example: I've been informed that I have stunning eyes (greenish-blue) and that I offer amazing hugs.

8. Here I tell you a little secret about me__________.

Example: I feel at ease when hiking through the woods (I try to get out there at least once a month). I GET AFRAID when I'm a passenger in a car, and the driver drives excessively fast and aggressively (please don't).

9. Allow me to change your moods __________.

Example: Something exhausting you? Allow me to change your mood, where I'll be the host, and you'll be my guest.

10. You may call me a blender; I blend __________.

Example: If pineapple on pizza annoys you, I will blend it into a mocktail for you.

Friendly Conclusion

Overall, the online dating profile guidelines listed above will aid in your search for a compatible partner. If you devise a profile that truly portrays the finest of you, you will have the best potential to discover that special man. These are important points to consider while having a happy and successful long-term relationship.

If you are seeking someone to help you enhance your choices and improve your dating profile, do not hesitate to book a personalized session with our professional dating coaches. It also improves your performance for remarkable productivity and a better dating experience.

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