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Futuristic present- A parcel delivered from the future

Updated: May 29, 2022

Futuristic present  - short story

On 25th May 2121 -

As I sat there engaged in my diary, unaware of what was happening around me, I heard a charming voice.

“Excuse me, If you don’t mind, Can I sit here?”

As I looked up, there was this handsome person, with sparkling black eyes, and long curly hair; he stood there with an intoxicating smile.

“Oh! yea, sure, please join,” I replied

“Thanks, Hope I am not disturbing you a lot.”

“Btw, I am Vivek”

“Oh, not at all; the pleasure is mine.”

“And I am Mahi”

As we both shake hands, it takes me into another world; it feels like we have known each other since forever and have been sitting here every day for years.

Vivek - “Nice to meet you, Mahi, so do you come to this cafe a lot?”

Mahi - “Oh, yea! I come here every day, almost every day.”

Vivek - “Well, I just came today. Would you wanna recommend something to me?”

At this point, I was way too distracted from what I was doing, all into his questions.

Mahi - “Well, let’s see, I think you should start with Italian Mocha.”

Vivek - “Oh, Heyy! That’s my fav!”

“It’s like you know me already.”

Mahi - “I wish I did.”

Vivek - “Well, we both are here; why not let’s know about each other.”

Mahi - "Oh sure, tell me about yourself."

Vivek - "Well, I am currently a student, and I am preparing for civil services, and I study in the coaching nearby, so I thought about checking in the cafe."

"How about you?"

Mahi - "Oh wow, I am preparing for civil services as well, I haven't joined any coaching as such, but I am planning to"

Vivek - "Well, that's great, we can study together."

Mahi - "Oh, I would love that."

Vivek - "Is it so? Well then, can I have your number?"

Mahi - "ah, i mean, of course"

We went home afterward, and I wondered what would happen next; oh My God, why am I freaking out! It's just talking about studies; there is nothing to worry about. But what does he think about me? He did share his number as well. Should I text him first, or should I wait! Well, let's wait! I don't know when I went to sleep, and I woke up at around 5 am, which is way before my usual waking hour. Still, as soon as I woke up, I felt very refreshed, like it was a start of a brand new chapter in my life; the sun had started showing itself slowly and slowly as I calmly prepared myself for the day!

I checked the phone, and there he was! I have a message from him! Let's check what he says; oh, it's just a casual introduction; let me get back to him.

And just like that, we started interacting, as it was evident that I was already pretty interested, and I felt like he was taking a lot more interest than I expected!

We talked and talked, like two people who have found just the right one, every minute, every hour, every day, we were connected with each other!

I was always waiting for his message and as soon as I replied his message never made me wait! It was like a swinging pendulum in perfect harmony, which went back and forth Endlessly!

Just like those days passed, and we got closer and closer to each other, we knew each other like no one else, and one day just like the first day, I woke up early in the morning and checked my phone, and his message was there like always because he was nocturnal! Lol!

It said

Vivek - "Hey, I wanted to ask you this for a while now!"

Mahi - "Yea, sure tell me."

And the next notification that I got stopped my world at that moment. It's not something I didn't expect or did not want, but I wasn't ready at this moment. He said...

Vivek - "So, Mahi, can I take you on a date?"

Oh my god! This is happening, but what should I say? If we go on a date, we are sure that we will go into a relationship, but will it affect our studies? Will it be the right thing for me to say yes!

Oh my god! I hope someone from the future comes and tells me what I should say!

And while I was waiting to type on the massage bar, the bell rang, and there was a delivery person, there was a parcel for me?

Who sent it? It has just this paper, and the only word written on it is "yes."

Yes? And in my subconscious mind, I didn't realize I typed yes and sent it to Vivek by mistake!

And while I was wondering about the anonymous parcel, I even got an exciting reply!

Vivek - "Well, wonderful, let's meet at the place we first met, sit at the same table where we first sat, and start a new chapter!"

Now it was too late for me to go back, now we're officially going on a date! Most probably, we will turn this date into dating. But who sent this? Is it from the future? As I was thinking, I turned the paper, and there was another "yes on the backside.”

Finally, the next day arrived, and I was waiting for him. He arrived just on time, well dressed, just as always with a beautiful rose and the same intoxicating smile.

The date went just as we wanted it to go, smoothly! We talked until night, and before he dropped me off at my home, I felt his hands on my waist as he leaned in and gave me a smooch!

We went on the journey together, which was going smoothly till now, like a railway track, always together until today? It's result day; years have passed, and we both prepared and cleared UPSC today! What now?

We had this phone call where it was almost impossible to decide what we needed to do now? We both have to take District, and from somewhere, the question popped up should we break up?

I was tense and thinking, 'what do I do about it, remembering all the great moments we had and how it all started, 'where is that post that told me to say yes? Why doesn’t it come now!'

The next moment I noticed a pigeon; wait for a second, is it carrying a letter? Oh yes! I carefully went to catch it, and it didn't run away until I took the note, which again had one word on it, this time 'no.’

I immediately picked up my phone and realized I already had a few missed calls from Vivek.

We called and decided let's not let our work come in between our relationship. We will stay together in our respective districts. We will text all day as we used to on the days we met! We will Skype at the end of each day, staying with each other, living with each other, loving each other, like always! Let's not let circumstances separate us; we didn't! We stayed together, worked together, and we’re going on the journey of time together, but now it was time to be together forever!

We decided to meet one day one the cafe we first met, choose the table we first sat on, it was like not a single day has passed, we both were together for 4 years but felt like 4 days because we stayed together thanks to someone who sent me this parcel at every right moment, but I'll need it once more today! Because today I am about to make another most significant decision of my life.

In the evening, as our perfect date comes to an end, he takes my hand ever so gently kissing it, always acting like the gentleman which he is, but today he did something again for which I wasn't ready, even though I want it to happen every single day! There he was with my hand in his hand on his knees; he took his hand inside his pocket, took out the small box, and asked!

Vivek -"will you marry me?"

And I started seeing all these papers with 'yes' written on them, and no, that. This time there was no parcel from the future because I had no doubt about what I should say! The papers I was looking at were the voices in my head that were yelling at me to say yes!

And I said "yes"

And that moment marked the start of a new era in my life. He came up, grabbed my waist, and pulled me closer like he always did since that day; not a single day passed when we didn't love each other!

"But mum, will I have someone to tell me yes or no like you had back in those days?"

I wrote something on paper and showed it to my daughter,

"What's written on it?"


"Now wait here. I have to parcel it; I’ll be back in a minute."

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