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How LGBTQ Youth can cope with anxiety and stress

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Depressed LGBTQ member illustration

As most people suffer from the hard times on earth and people living in it, the LGBTQ youth also suffer from this scenario. Therefore, they are facing numerous challenges and problems because these are challenging times for them.

We need to try to talk to them and give them company to get out of their anxiety, fear, and depression state. We need to understand that they are part of our society, they are also human beings, and they are required to be treated like humans.

So we need to talk to them and make them agree on LGBTQ therapy because this can help them get out of their anxiety, fear, and depression state. Let's Take a dive into what kind of problems do they face during normal life/days?

5 Major problems being faced by LGBTQ Youth

1. Loneliness

They feel lonely because they are quarantined due to this situation, and most of the people out of LGBTQ youth feel lonely because their family members are not giving time to them and not being very supportive.

One solution to remove your loneliness is meeting your friends, going outside, trying different things, making some entertainment, and doing whatever you want in your life because this is the only reason you're feeling depressed and feared. You have limited yourself to your room or your house, but this is not the world; you need to go outside and try to get some help and those things that make you happy.

2. Depression

They feel depressed because of loneliness and being treated as different just as another creature from a different planet; this is tough. It is challenging for them to bear this condition as they are also underestimated and judged based on their sexuality. This can make them depressed a lot.

3. Anxiety

It is the most common problem in LGBTQ youth because they always feel depressed and anxious whenever they are alone in a world full of people. Anxiety is more common than people who have limited themselves to a specific surface, room, or a particular place. Yet, they are often found at that place because their environment does not change. That's why they are feeling depressed.

Most often, it is seen that they try to cut or escape from their family members, and their family members do not pay them; therefore, they often feel anxiety and feel depressed.

4. Sadness

It is an initial feeling for any human; they feel sad if they are being ignored. According to the universal youth survey, it has been noticed that the most common cause for an LGBTQ person to get sad is when their identity is ignored as an LGBTQ youth. Their family members, friends, and colleagues ignore them, and it is common for them to feel sad, depressed and initially overthink about their situation.

5. Anger

Exessive sadness, depression, anxiety, and overthinking could lead anyone's thoughts into anger and Could you feel out of your mind or make you lose your memory. You may even experience short-term memory loss in the worst scenario.

Why are they facing anxiety and stress during Quarantine?

Naturally, when someone is neglected, they feel sad, and they face anxiety and stress. We know that these days are the pandemic cause of unnatural chaos, and most people face anxiety and stress. This is not only limited to LGBTQ youth or anyone else because most people face anxiety and stress. But you need not worry.

Most people are worried, and they are also mentally disturbed because this pandemic is causing an effect on their mental health. When a person is mentally disturbed, they always feel anxiety and depression.

What is the Solution to their Problem?

1. Disconnect

Disconnecting from the people who cause you stress and depression is the last thing you'd do. This is really the only thing you can do. Though you can't keep them away from yourself, you can distance yourself from them.

2. Educate yourself

The only thing you need to teach yourself is that there is nothing permanent, so the pandemic is also not permanent. You will probably be out of your current time. And you will feel an everyday life. So the only thing is to try to educate yourself and motivate yourself about this pandemic that is not long-lasting or will not go forever.

3. Feel calm

Always feel calm and try to take LGBTQ therapy because this will help you and spend your time during your quarantine period. One thing to feel relaxed is to go outside to some relaxing place; even your lawn or balcony is the best place in this situation to talk to yourself and make yourself understand this pandemic.

4. Connect

And another thing which you can do is connect to your friends other than your family because they can help you a lot in getting out of this anxiety and depression state. Most people out of LGBTQ youth will help you greatly in this regard.

5. Find little things

Find little things to do and try to make yourself busy in those things because this will be very helpful in distracting your mind from the anxiety and depression that you're feeling during your quarantine period.

6. Do Not Give Up

The only thing you need to understand is to remember, "do not give up." This is the only method to get out of your anxiety and depression state; you can be a normal person like others. You can try LGBTQ therapy to get out of your anxiety and depression.

7. Get Help

You can get help from your family members who support your nearby friends and close ones because they can help you get out of anxiety and depression during your quarantine period.


It is a fact that LGBTQ people are some odd than the usual human preference and appearance that we all are used to, but it doesn't mean that they should be treated any differently from normal human beings.

Not just humans but nature has provided us with life and choice. As humans, animals, or nature, we all have the right to live independently on our own choices, and we have the right to be treated like other normal humans because we are not responsible for our current state.

We hope that the LGBTQ community will be treated as normal as BTS and their moves one day, and that is not far. If you're searching for a friend or a friendly consultant who could help you cope with your thoughts and acceptability. In that case, Infinite Cosmo Studio provides you with highly professional virtual counselors who are qualified to help your concern while maintaining a friendly environment.

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