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How To Earn Online Using JumpTask?

Updated: Mar 2

Earn money usuing Jumptask

JumpTask is a platform for micro-freelancing that enables you to earn money by completing simple micro-tasks like sharing internet bandwidth for money, playing games, and completing surveys with little to no training or knowledge. Once you have completed the task, you are paid in JumpToken (JMPT).

How Does JumpTask Function?

  • You'll require two things to get started. A simple place to begin is a cryptocurrency wallet, which can be easily created using social logins.

  • A reliable internet connection is also required to log into your account and complete tasks.

After finishing a task, you will be paid in JumpToken (JMPT), the company's cryptocurrency. You can always convert your tokens into dollars.

How to register JumpTask Account?

JumpTask registration can be done in three easy steps:

  1. Click to go to the sign-up page;

  2. Enter your username, email, and password;

  3. Click register and confirm your email.

How Does JumpTask Pay Its Users?

On JumpTask, their Offerwalls earning type is one way to make money. Simple tasks are completed here, and payment is made in JMPT.

You can participate in interesting surveys, test new apps, and play new games, among other tasks. JumpTask provides a user-friendly environment for beginners because all gigs take little time and effort. Another payment method on the platform that is even simpler to use and begin earning is Honeygain.

The Honeygain passive income app is one of JumpTask's partners. When you install this program, you agree to let it start sharing your internet traffic and gather JMPT data while it runs in the background. Essentially, it generates passive income simply by installing an app on your smartphone. If you join with a partnered link, you'll be rewarded with $5 dollar instantly.

How much can I earn using JumpTask?

Your ability to earn money on JumpTask is based on how many tasks you complete. You can significantly raise your income by combining multiple means of income. For instance, making $50 or even $100 per month is undoubtedly feasible, requiring you to finish numerous microtask.

How to convert JumpTokens into FIAT money?

Before we jump into the hectic process, we'll try to make it simple and easier to follow up steps required to transfer your earnings from JumpTask to your bank account.

Things to be done before getting started:

How to transfer JumpTask Token to Bank Account?

  • Connect your Jumptask account to a blockchain wallet. Either you can use meta mask wallet to register your account, or if you have registered on JumpTask using a google address, you'll be assigned a torus wallet automatically with the same mail address.

  • Transfer every JumpToken accumulated on your JumpTask dashboard to your compatible connected wallet to start the conversion. If you can't see your token in your wallet, try to change your network setting to select Binance Smart Chain Mainnet after importing JumpTask Token into your wallet.

  • You'll need to exchange JMPT Token using the Pancakeswap website for an acceptable token (BNB, BTC, USDT, etc.) accepted on trading websites. After exchanging your JumpToken, you can transfer your earnings from your wallet address to any trading website (Binance, Kucoin, etc.) and trade it for local currency to withdraw directly to your bank account.

What Benefits and Drawbacks of JumpTask?

The fact that the platform is appropriate for beginners is by far its most significant benefit. But there are a few drawbacks which should be taken a look at before considering a full-time investment, let take a look.

Pros Of JumpTask:

To start making money on other websites like Freelancer and Upwork, you need knowledge and skills in graphic design, web development, and other areas. Anybody could start earning money quickly on

Flexibility is yet another perk. It's simple to control how many hours you would like to spend on tasks because microtasks only take a few minutes to complete. These can be finished in your free time and won't interfere with your existing work or college obligations.

Cons Of JumpTask:

The fact that tasks can occasionally be unavailable is a drawback. Though plenty of tasks are available, they usually arrive in waves. In light of this, you might have a lot of tasks to finish each day or lesser on the next day.

The website itself needs to be improved as well. JumpTask revealed on their social media platforms that they are updating their website. All in all, JumpTask is better for new freelancers than it is for experienced ones.

What Jobs Are Available on JumpTask?

At the moment, JumpTask concentrates on four different types of micro tasks: Offerwalls, Games, Surveys, and Micro tasks. One passive income strategy is sharing internet bandwidth in exchange for payment. It's easy: first, you must download the Honeygain app, a JumpTask partner. You must then leave the app open in the background so that JMPT can be collected with ease.

Additionally, there is a chance to make money by finishing quick microtasks. Offerwalls are a form of this earning. Another possibility you can earn through JumpTokens is by watching advertisements, solving the crossword in games, watching videos, running tests on new applications, taking advantage of offers, and much more.

Friendly conclusion

In conclusion, if someone is looking for a side job, they should consider using JumpTask. The platform is user-friendly and offers many task options. Having an opportunity to review JumpTask, we can state that the website presents a distinctive method of freelancing. It focuses on micro tasks and cryptocurrency payments, which give gig workers flexibility and cost-efficiency. We can consider, JumpTask is a choice worth considering if you're looking to begin your journey into freelance work.

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