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Canva Pro Team Invitation Link - 2023 February

Updated: Feb 5

Get Free Canva Pro Team Invitation Link

Canva lets you create professional visuals without design knowledge. Canva templates, graphics, pictures, and videos can be used to make social media graphics, movies, presentations, slides, posters, charts, graphs, and printed things. The software's simplified interface has proven popular among small businesses and entrepreneurs, with 75 million monthly active users and 7 billion designs.

Canva Designs can create outstanding content for social media and other sites. Its flexible apps for Android and iOS phones have made it stand out from other similar software with the flexibility of switching devices to continue working by logging in to with the same account.

How many plans does Canva Pro have?

Canva Premium Plans

Canva Free — $0 per month

Free plan, as the name implies. Canva free easy to go plan if you want to try out an outstanding software to create professional-looking graphics that look fantastic online and printed.

Canva Free plan features:

  • Two-folder saving Facility

  • 5GB cloud storage for work

  • Exporting to different file types

  • 250,000 customizable templates

  • Real-time collaboration among team members.

  • 100k+ free graphics and pictures with a free license.

  • 100+ layouts (social media posts, presentations, letters etc.)

Using these capabilities, you can make a decent design work. If you're beginning a new business and have no cash for design, Canva's free plan can help you create professional-looking visual assets without an investment. Despite being free, 'Canva Free' gives you access to many components and creates excellent designs.

Canva Pro — Month or Annually

As your business operations evolve, you might find that the capabilities of Canva Free become insufficient for your increasing business activities, prompting you to investigate one of the premium plans offered by Canva.

Canva Pro offers Two subscription plans:

  • Canva Pro monthly: $12.99 billed monthly.

  • Canva Pro Anual: $119.99 billed annually.

Canva Pro Annually:

The annual plan will be billed for 12 months of subscriptions with a decent discount on the entire purchase. Canva Pro memberships purchased with an annual plan qualify for a discount of $36.

Canva Pro Annual Plan

Significantly, by default, Canva Pro comes with five seats.' which allows five users to gain access to your account, which brings the monthly cost per user down to a (very reasonable monthly fee of $2.60 per user).

Canva Enterprise — $30 per user

Canva Enterprise Annual Plan

Small businesses will find the 'Canva Pro' plan to be more than enough. When it comes to corporate branding, the 'Canva Enterprise plan is a better fit for larger organizations because it gives them more control over their visual identity. "Canva Enterprise" costs $30 per person and requires 25 accounts in order to be activated.

Canva For Educational — Free

Canva Fore Educational Plan

Canva offers two free plans tailored to the education and charity sectors in addition to the business plans that are the primary focus of the company's offerings. Canva for Education provides free access to all 'K12 educators and students in the United States. The 'K12' term refers to the United States' educational levels ranging from Kindergarten to 12th grade. So you know, Canva has more than 12,000 templates specifically created for use in educational settings.

Canva For Non-profit Organizations — Free

Canva for Non-profit Oraganizations Plan

Canva for Nonprofits is offered free of charge to individuals employed in the nonprofit sector as its name suggests, "Canva for Nonprofits" (and can be used by up to 10 people). Before you can begin using Canva for Nonprofits, you will first need to complete an application, during which the Canva team will determine whether or not you are eligible for the plan.

What does Canva Pro support offer?

1. Premium Designing Assets Library

The Canva free edition is reliable for creating decent-looking pictures and sufficient for most people's needs; the library of stock images and graphics it provides is more limited than in the paid versions. Even if you only use it to source royalty-free images, Canva would be a very good value for money because it allows you to search its stock photo collection.

Canva Premium Designing Assets Library

Canva pro grants access to a massive library of additional stock pictures and graphics when you upgrade to "Canva Pro" (more than 100 million!). Furthermore, you'll get access to a library of audio and video files. You will access 6 million video clips and 25,000 audio tracks (in 4k and HD format).

2. Premium Video Content

Canva's video content expands the creative possibilities with animation effects and stocks. When you compare how much other stock photo websites charge for a single image download and video is twice those of images, you'll find canva pro offers a pretty fantastic value for the money.

Premium Video Content of cookie gif

Even if you prefer never to use any of Canva's design tools and only use it to find stock photos and videos, you would still be getting a great deal of value out of your investment in the platform.

3. Brand kits for Business

The 'brand kits' tool is one of the most important aspects of the 'Canva' Pro plan. This allows you to upload a logo and your own typefaces and build a palette that contains the colours associated with your company.

Brand kits for Business

Brand Kits help to ensure anything you make in Canva remains firmly in line with the visual identity of your business. And it enables your non-designer members of your team to create professional content that is on-brand much easier and more efficiently. You can design up to 100 brand kits for your brand preferences "Canva Pro" plan.

4. Canva Magic Resize Tool

The 'Magic Resize' tool included in the 'Canva Pro' software is another extremely helpful feature. This tool makes it quite simple to use previously created designs to resize for various other platforms. Magic Resize tool is used to automatically reformat an existing design suitable for various social media outlets after opening an existing one.

Canva Magic Resize Tool

Canva's "Magic Resize" feature to resize your image. In other words, it is typically possible to convert a blog post banner into a Facebook post image size or a YouTube video thumbnail simply by hitting a button, and the output of all of this content can take place simultaneously.

5. Background remover

When you upgrade to the "Canva Pro" plan, you gain access to a tool that lets you remove backgrounds from your images. This makes it incredibly simple to shoot a headshot with a background and add whatever you want to in the photo's background.

Canva Background remover

You'll find background remover very handy if you are a video creator or YouTuber; you'll discover that this feature is very helpful when it comes to producing brash video thumbnails of yourself and adding surprise elements to your videos.

6. Transparent background downloads

Canva pro version lets you download your designs with a transparent background in the paid edition of Canva, but not in the free version.

Canva Transparent background downloads

Canva Pro' plan enables users to export designs with a transparent background. Exporting Canva designs with a transparent background makes it easy to apply your logos neatly and effortlessly over other assets.

7. Custom Template design

Although the 'Canva Free' plan provides access to 250,000+ templates, the 'Canva Pro' plan provides access to a much larger number of assets library of 610,000+.

Canva Custom Template design

Canva's free version limits your work with pre-designed Canva templates, but "Canva Pro" enables you to design your templates from scratch and access you to design templates that are dedicated to your brand and can be used by your staff.

8. Storage and Folders

Canva free version provides 5 GB of storage, but this space will be consumed very rapidly by any large multimedia files you upload to the You get 5 GB of storage with the free version of Canva. Still, any large multimedia files you upload to the platform will consume this space very rapidly.

Canva Pro Storage and Folders

With "Canva Pro," you get 20 times that amount, with a storage cap of 100 GB. Even if this might not be enough for people who use the platform extensively, it'll be sufficient for an entire team of users. In addition, this plan gives you the ability to create an infinite number of folders for organizing your work, whereas the free version of Canva only gives you the ability to create two folders.

9. Canva Customer support

When you sign up for the free version of Canva, the assistance option is labelled as "self-serve," which means that you are responsible for searching the Canva help centre for solutions to any query you may have. Some email help is available, provided that you are willing to wait for it (queries can take up to 7 days to be answered on the free plan).

Canva pro Customer support

When you upgrade to "Canva Pro," you gain access to email assistance available around the clock on priority, seven days a week. However, on any technical assistance, you're expected to wait at least 24 hours for a response to your inquiry.

10. Schedule Social Media Posts

Now Canva pro beats all alternative software by launching Content Planner in 2022 to manage social channels and lets you design great social media posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Schedule social posts effortlessly. Plan your material days, weeks, or months.

Canva Pro Schedule Social Media Posts

Did the post pause? You can update a post without re-uploading. Content Planner tracks impressions, clicks, likes, and comments. Click on any published post in your planner to view insights. Get the Content Planner and more for economical social media design.

What does Canva Enterprise support offer?

This plan includes more premium tools and features that are not included with a Canva Free or Canva Pro account.

1. Workflow management

Canva Enterprise plan allows you to utilize your workflow management capabilities to operate a more 'managed' approvals process on designs. These collaboration tools give you more control over how your team uses Canva.

Most significantly, they enable you to assign "approvers" who can access, evaluate, share feedback, and approve drawings made by your team members. The 'Canva Enterprise' plan provides access to more advanced tools for collaboration and approval than the other plans.

2. Template locking

The "Canva Enterprise" plan lets you have the ability to lock down your templates more securely. This allows you to maintain greater control over your assets' appearance and prevents a "drift" away from the established brand guidelines. This function is especially helpful if your team doesn't include graphic designers who can monitor how the software is used.

3. Additional Brand Kits

Canva Pro only allows you to create 100 brand kits, which include your company's logo, typefaces, and colour palettes. Canva Enterprise, on the other hand, gives you the ability to work with up to 300 brand kits. Because of this, the plan is better suited for businesses that serve a big number of different customers.

4. Storage and Folders

The 'Free' and 'Pro' plans only allow you to store up to 5 GB and 100 GB of data. However, the "Canva Enterprise" plan allows you to store an unlimited amount of data, making it an excellent choice for big businesses dealing with excessive numbers of large multimedia files, video, audio etc.

5. Single sign-on (SSO) integration

The ‘Enterprise’ plan facilitates Single sign-on (SSO) and lets users set single login credentials to access multiple applications, making username and password management easier. With the Enterprise plan, you can include Canva with the Enterprise plan in the list of apps you use SSO, unlike the other Canva plans.

6. Quicker customer support

Canva Enterprise’ and ‘Canva Pro customer support involves a significant difference in the turnaround time in support. Whereas with the Canva Pro plan, you may have to wait up to 24 hours for a response to your query. The canva enterprise support resolves queries in two hours. This is one of the key differences between Canva Enterprise and Canva Pro.

What Extra Canva Premium Subscriptions Offers?

Again the Canva Pro pricing plan consists of 5 user licenses. If you would like to add another user to your subscription, you can do so for an additional fee of $60 per user annually or $7 per user if you purchase a monthly plan.

Canva Pro Team Invitation Link

The same Canva Pro account and all paid plans can be used to invite up to 3,000 users as team members, which means that the premium subscription can be used by an entire corporate just in a single person's purchase plan.

How to get the Free Canva pro invitation link?

If You Have A Quick Project You Need To Finish In A Hurry or even start as a fresher graphic designer and couldn't afford to invest in Canva premium, you can join Canva Pro through our Canva Pro team invite link. Infinite Cosmo Studio team collaborated with Stallioncks to provide you with 3000 canva pro invitations for free.

Canva Pro Account Link

You can get the canva pro invitation link for free by clicking the Clink button at the bottom of this article. Once you click the invitation button, you'll be redirected to a sign-up page. Once you sign-up on our website, You'll receive an activating link in your given mail.

Once you confirm your mail, you will be able to access the canva pro invitation link page. If you already have your account on Infinite Cosmo Studio, you will be directly redirected to the canva pro invitation link page. As soon you are accessible to the Placeit premium account canva pro account, you can quickly access the premium features of the Canva Pro Account.

Important Note: You will be unable to access Canva Pro invited account if the team owner deletes the team; therefore, it's safe to always save your important designs on your phone or computer.

How to get free canva pro cookies?

Before we discuss “how to get canva pro cookies for free?”, we first define and explain them. It's an a.txt file with code that lets you log in without re-entering your credentials. This file improves the browser's user experience. canva pro cookies are browser files that make using the website easier. This file lets you connect to the website without entering credentials.

Canva Pro premium cookies

As mentioned above, You can get canva pro cookies for free by clicking the cookies button shared at the bottom of this article. Once you click the cookie button, you'll be asked to sign-up on the infinite cosmo studio website. Once you sign up and accept activation, the link is sent to your share mail and confirms your account. You can access the canva pro cookies page to access the canva Pro Account.

If you are already a member of Infinite Cosmo Studio, you will be directly redirected to the cookies page. AS you follow the shared step to using cookies from this website, you'll instantly get access to the canva pro account. We update premium cookies constantly and offer 24/7 assistance for you to access Placeit's premium services.

How to Join Canva Pro with Team Invite Link?

1. Visit on your phone or computer.

2. Sign up for a free Canva account using your email.

3. After creating a Canva account, log in.

4. After logging in, click the Canva Pro team invite option.

5. Click "Got it" after clicking the Canva Pro link.

You've successfully joined Canva Pro. Enjoy Canva's premium features.

Important Note: If the Canva pro team converts into a free version, you can join a new one from the link above.

How to use canva cookie on desktop?

  1. Install CookieEditor Extension in Chrome

  2. Copy Premuime canva Pro Cookies from the Below

  3. Open the Canva website and Click the CookieEditor extension on the top.

  • Delete all the preinstalled cookies

  • Click on Import and Paste Cookies

  • Click on Import Again and Refresh Page.

How to use canva cookie on a mobile phone?

  1. Install Kiwi Browser on your Android/ios Mobile device.

  2. Open the Kiwi browser and search for the CookieEditor extension.

  3. Install CookieEditor Extension in your Kiwi Browser, click three-tab and scroll down to confirm.

  4. Copy Premium Canva Pro Cookies from the Below.

  5. Open the Canva website, click the three-tab and Scroll Down to Click the CookieEditor extension.

  • Delete all the preinstalled cookies.

  • Click on Import and Paste Cookies.

  • Click on Import Again and Refresh Page.

canva pro invitation Link

Please Don't Logout from Placeit after your Work, Just Close your Browser.

updated canva pro cookies
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We hope you found this article on the Canva Pro team invite link useful. Many users need a Canva Pro account, so share it with them as well. If the Canva Pro team is full or the link is not working, let us know in the comments, and we will update the new Canva Pro team link.

We update canva pro Cookies On A Daily – Basis; all you need to do is copy and paste them Into Your device Browser To Access ”Canva Premium Account For Free.” If your premium cookies are not working, It Must Be Because Somebody Has Logged Out Using Our Cookies. You could contact us either through Comment Section or on Telegram, where we keep updating Cookies first.

If you lose access to Canva Pro, you can visit this article to get a new Canva Pro account with the team link. Moreover, you can join our Telegram channel for more such amazing freebies. You can follow our official Instagram page if you are unavailable on telegram.

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