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How To Get Free Placeit Premium Cookies Account?

 Free Placeit Premium Cookies Account

Established in 2012, Placeit has quickly become the go-to site for businesses, professionals, and hobbyists looking for a bright, energizing new design. Placeit is an online design and template library that provides users with a firm base to begin their creative adventure.

The company was formed in Guadalajara, Mexico, and has since amassed 55k+ regular paying customers, including tech titans such as Google, Facebook, and Oracle. Placeit drew the attention of numerous firms interested in acquiring the website, and in 2018, it was acquired by an Australian digital assets marketplace formerly known as Envato.

Placeit by Envato is the call to action place if you want to make your logo, videos, and merch design in addition to all these features. You will receive over 79k+ extinguishing premade templates that you can use at any moment without worrying about infringement.

How many plans does PLACEIT have?

Placeit has two versions, a free trial and a membership (monthly or annually). However, Placeit seems to offer four membership tiers:

  • Placeit Free Account: Limited free library

  • Placeit Single Download: Starts$2.99 per download

  • Placeit Monthly Unlimited: $14.95 per month

  • Placeit Annual Unlimited: $89.69 per year

Placeit Free Mode: A Comprehensive Analysis

Placeit's free mode is a good place to start. Placeit's website lists a number of features that are available to all users at no cost. Images, movies, logos, and mockups are all included in this category, as well as the free video-to-GIF converter and the free picture cropper. You may find a variety of free templates in the freebies section that you can use as many times as you like.

Placeit Free No-Risk Trial

If you're interested in these designs, logos, mockups, or video templates, try Placeit's free mode. Placeit's free mode is especially great for inexperienced designers or amateurs who want to test creating a few designs, logos, mockups, or video templates. Placeit's free mode may not be enough for more skilled designers. Still, thousands of designs, logos, mockups, and video templates are offered to users to try out and test satisfaction.

Placeit Free Limited Access

Free users have limited access to templates. The free library has thousands of templates, but it's nothing compared to the complete library's 90,000+. Placeit's free mode is a good place for newbie or hobbyist designers to learn about logos, designs, mockups, and videos while trying out their own creations. If you require more templates than the free library offers, you are welcome to subscribe to premium.

Placeit Subscription Mode: A Comprehensive Analysis

Placeit's subscription model another service that is worth it. Paid subscribers can access Android devices, stationery, phone grips, phone covers, novels, beanies, business cards, iPhones, iPads, iMacs, MacBooks, and home décor mockups.

Placeit Premium Tools

The premium Placeit subscription also includes Placeit's video animation producers. Placeit subscribers may create animated logos; Facebook covers, Twitch screens, t-shirt videos, Instagram Stories, intros, promo videos, and slideshows. Placeit offers a couple of these video animation creators in free mode, but subscribers have more options

Placeit Premium Price Update

Placeit's New subscriber monthly subscription charge starts from $1.97and the annual rate is $23.69; and You’ll be billed manually for your subscription. Just in case, if you want to cancel your subscription, you'll be only refunded with Unused portions of your subscription, i.e., The month you purchased to the cancellation month subtracted by 12 months of subscription. All amounts are in USD; contact your financial institution for further details.

The pricing plans keep changing very frequently; therefore, now is the time to subscribe to Placeit. This pricing may seem high to some people comparing Placeit's free trial and premium subscription. Placeit's membership mode has several features that make up for the price.

Why Choose Placeit Premium Subscription?

Upgrading to a membership plan unlocks 60,000+ templates. The free library offers numerous templates, but it doesn't compare to what a full subscriber has. Placeit offers 19,800 mockups, 10,394 design templates, 3,000 logo templates, and 911 video animation creators.

Each week, Placeit roughly adds 600 new templates. Free mode users who want to work on several projects cannot access some mockups, logos, videos, and designs. Most free mockups are clothing-related T-shirts, hoodies, and other basics. There are a few mugs and internet banners, but not much else. The subscription model offers more options.

Extensive Template Options

Additionally, placeit keeps adding category templates, just like the recent launch new Gaming category, which contains video game and gaming-related templates and developers. These templates and builders contain animated logos, OBS broadcast overlays, Starting soon screens, Twitch banners, offline banners, panels, video intros, YouTube banners, end cards, and thumbnails.

This category is great for game designers or vice versa. Twitch and YouTube gaming templates can make your channel look professional or interesting. Free Placeit users are limited in the games area. The subscription is worth it if you plan to utilize Placeit for a real business enterprise. You can sign up for a month at $12.70 and get unlimited access to 60,000+ templates.

What does PLACEIT premium support offer?

Placeit expects to have over 93k+designs and templates in its library by 2022. These designs and templates can be broken down into subcategories to meet the individual client's demand better. Placeit Has four majorly specified category designs and templates listed on its website, as mentioned below.

1. Placeit Logos Maker

Placeit logo makers can create a new brand or fine-tune an existing one with the customization tool in placeit logo builder. Over 8,000 logo makers are available on Placeit to meet the demands of a wide range of enterprises, professions, and individuals.

This is where Placeit differs from the competition by categorizing its templates by industry. As a result, Placeit will have a logo that is specific to your company or brand.

An exhaustive rundown of the Placeit Logo Maker templates available:

  • Architecture

  • Automotive

  • Basketball

  • Chiropractic Services

  • Consulting

  • Restaurants

  • Gaming

  • Landscaping

  • Law

  • Medical

  • Moving Services

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Travel

  • Writing

  • And More

Placeit has linkages to all of these industries and more. Once you click on a link, the website will show you logo templates for the selected industry. Then, click on any logo template you like to personalize it.

2. Placeit Graphic Designs Template

Placeit's graphic design templates can be used to either create your eye-catching designs from scratch or modify pre-existing ones. To ensure that you select a design that meets your demands, Placeit offers More than 19,000 templates available in Placeit's design maker.

In contrast to the mockups section, which focuses on designs for actual products, these designs are mostly for social media and online advertising. However, the designer is also responsible for a small number of designs for actual goods.

An exhaustive rundown of the Placeit Graphic Designs Available:

  • Flyers

  • Posters

  • Banner Ads

  • Book Covers

  • Twitter Posts

  • Twitter Headers

  • Album Covers

  • Beauty Designs

  • Birthday Designs

  • Business Cards

  • Cannabis Designs

  • Facebook Covers

  • Facebook Posts

  • Instagram Posts

  • Instagram Stories

  • Music Designs

  • Pinterest Pins

  • Podcast Covers

  • T-Shirt Designs

  • T-Shirt Labels

  • Twitch Templates

  • Wellness Designs

  • YouTube Templates

  • And More...

Additionally, all Placeit users can access a free image cropper on the site's homepage. In order to use the tool to crop your image, you simply need to submit a photo within the maximum dimensions of 7500 x 7500 pixels. To utilize this function, you don't even need a paid subscription.

3. Placeit Mockups Generator

Placeit's mockup generator lets customers try their ideas on mugs, t-shirts, pillows, and more. Customize these designs with the mockup tool to make your own. With 16.05k mockups, you can find a design that fits your demands.

Placeit's mockup creator concentrates on online advertising and social media templates, but its mockup generator is on real things. Placeit's mockup generator lacks design templates. The mockup generator uses user-uploaded images to simulate how physical objects look.

An exhaustive rundown of the Placeit Mockup Generator Available:

  • iPads

  • iMacs

  • iPhones

  • Books

  • Hats

  • Mugs

  • T-Shirts

  • Heather

  • Hoodies

  • Banners

  • Beanies

  • Apparel

  • Onesies

  • Packaging

  • Home Décor

  • Business Cards

  • Garment Only

  • MacBooks

  • Phone Cases

  • Phone Grips

  • Polo Shirts

  • Stationery

  • Sweatshirts

  • Activewear

  • Long Sleeve Tees

  • Android Devices

  • And More…

Placeit also offers mockups for banners, desktops, Instagram templates, Facebook templates, and Facebook advertisements. Placeit's mockups let you see how your ideas look on different goods. If you want your design on one of your favorite selling products, you must buy a premium plan and apply the best mockup yourself.

4. Placeit Videos Maker

Placeit's video maker lets you create animated videos for your website, social networking, and more. You can contribute your own images, audio, slides, and logos to Placeit's video templates. Placeit has 722 video animators.

Placeit's unique feature lets customers choose from logos, graphics, films, and animations to build their own video. These movies are as adjustable as the mockup, logo, and design maker, allowing for a variety of productions.

An exhaustive rundown of the Placeit video maker Available:

  • Intros

  • Slideshows

  • Promo Videos

  • T-Shirt Videos

  • Twitch Screens

  • Youtube Videos

  • Instagram Stories

  • Animated Logos

  • Facebook Croppers

  • And More

Placeit's video maker offers a free video cropper similar to a photo cropper. All Users can crop their videos the same way they can crop their photographs in the Placeit design maker with this function. There are many other fantastic benefits you would miss out on if you were not a premium subscriber.

How to get free PLACEIT premium cookies for free?

Before we jump into how to use premium Placeit cookies for free, we need to know what is Placeit cookies and how it works. It is a .txt file with some code that helps you log into the website without entering the login credentials again and again. Your browser makes this file for a better user experience. A Placeit cookie is a file created by your browser that helps you to access the website with a hassle-free experience. This file will help you log in to the website without entering account credentials over again and again.

You can get premium Placeit cookies for free by clicking the cookies button at the bottom of this article. Once you click the cookie button, you'll be redirected to a sign-up page if you're not already a member of our premium tools family. Non-members can get cookies by signing up on our websites. You'll receive an activating link in your given mail.

Once you confirm your mail, you can access the premium cookies page to access placeit Premium Accounts. If you already have your account on Infinite Cosmo Studio, you will be directly redirected to the cookies page. As soon you are accessible to the Placeit premium account. By using the cookies from this site, you can quickly access the premium features of Placeit. We update these premium cookies daily, and our support is available all day to assist you.

How to use PLACEIT cookie on desktop?

  1. Install CookieEditor Extension in Chrome

  2. Copy Premuime Placeit Cookies from the Below

  3. Open the Placeit website and Click the CookieEditor extension on the top.

  • Delete all the preinstalled Browser Cookies.

  • Click on Import and Paste Placeit Cookies.

  • Click on Import Again and Refresh Page.

How to use PLACEIT cookie on a mobile phone?

  1. Install Kiwi Browser on your Android/ios Mobile device.

  2. Open the Kiwi browser and search for the CookieEditor extension.

  3. Install CookieEditor Extension in your Kiwi Browser, click three-tab and scroll down to confirm.

  4. Copy Premuime Placeit Cookies from the Below.

  5. Open the Placeit website, click the three-tab and Scroll Down to Click the CookieEditor extension.

  • Delete all the preinstalled Browser Cookies.

  • Click on Import and Paste Placeit Cookies.

  • Click on Import Again and Refresh Page.

Please Don't Logout from Placeit after your Work, Just Close your Browser.

 Free Placeit Premium Cookies updated
 Free Placeit Premium Cookies 1
 Free Placeit Premium Cookies 2
 Free Placeit Premium Cookies 3

We shared 100% working Placeit cookies with the complete guide on Using Placeit cookies to access the place premium account for free. Infinite Cosmo Stsuio team actively updates these cookies for our trusted users. If you still have any queries about Placeit cookies or the Placeit premium account, just let us know in the comment section.

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