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The Folk of the Air By Holly Black

The Folk of the Air By Holly Black

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The Folk of the Air




Holly Black



Book Theme

The life of Jude Duarte and her trials of existing as a human in the high court of Faerie.


9th Grade

Suggest age

18 years

Edition of Book

Second edition

Origin of Book

United States

Weight of Book

3.85 pounds

Format of Book

Printed copy

Number of pages


Dimensions of Book

6.65 x3.85 x9.6 inches

This story is best suited for all fantasy lovers; it revolves around Jude, a mortal girl who gets tangled in place disputes while trying to win a place in the high court of Faerie, where she and her sisters have stayed for about a decade now. The author of this book has done some magical and commendable work as his content involves using real-life experiences, thus creating an excellent opportunity for the reader.

How does this book influence your reading choice?

The folk of the air is among my all-time favorite books; I was so absorbed in reading it because of its flow that I was nestled on the chair, unable to put it down all day. This is among the books that I can never get tired of reading; the character development of this plot is excellent and compelling, allowing the readers to learn more life lessons. I am incredibly thankful to Holly Black for her woven content, making us readers become motivated to continue reading on other pages.

To anyone wondering if this series is worth purchasing, then yes, I would gladly recommend it for your pick, and you won't regret it. Holly Black is truly a queen in creating and writing fascinating world-building content. Jade, the protagonist, is bold and courageous in facing the world and anything that comes in her way to keep her sisters safe. Although the book is constantly talking about political relationships such as the complications of monarchy, I loved the breathtaking part of its romance.

An introduction of the creator behind the idea

Holly Black is the author behind the book the folk of the air; she is the best New York Times selling author of over thirty fantasy novels for kids and teens. Black has also been a finalist for an award-winning competition such as the Eisner and the Lodestar.

Her fame has risen from the first books she published and has received positive reviews because of her extraordinary work. Her books have not only been amazon bestsellers but also have been translated to thirty-two languages worldwide.

Friendly conclusion

Jude is determined to live in Faerie as ten years have passed since her parents were brutally murdered; to win a place in the court, she needs to defy the cruel prince Cardan, and severe consequences will follow this act. In her quests, she is embroiled in the palace deception, and she discovers her capacity for bloodshed. This story gets more interesting, having unexpected twists and the author's use of suspense to make it more delicious. To get this and more books kindly click Buy Now option at the top.

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