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The Girl in the Glass Case by Devashish Sardana

The Girl in the Glass Case by Devashish Sardana

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​The Girl in the Glass Case




Devashish Sardana



Book Theme

​Keep your girl safe and Boys safer


8th Grade

Suggest age

​18 years

Edition of Book

First edition

Origin of Book


Weight of Book

250 Gram

Formate of Book

Printed copy

Number of pages


Dimensions of Book

20.3 x25.4 x4.7 cm

If you are among the people who love to read about crime, nail-biting twists, and chilling serial murders, then The Girl in the Glass Case is the best choice for you. It is a story of an assistant superintendent who chooses to spend her days locking up criminals other than apologizing for lack of social skills. Simone Sign is searching for the serial killer who dresses up little kids as Barbie dolls and displays their bodies in the glass cases.

On the other hand, the clipper is a serial killer who turns his anger into blood-soaked revenge after the media cast him aside in favor of the sick new slayer –the doll maker. The storyline of this book is at the top and unique, making the reader salivating to read more and more.

How does this book influence your reading choice?

This book is lovable as it revolves around two serial killers, the clipper and the doll maker. The police are on the run in search of these two psychopaths to end the killings. However, the clipper is much more determined than ever to gain his fame back after hearing of a new famous serial killer in town, the doll maker. After reading this book, I enjoyed how the author develops his storyline and brings out the connection between the serial killers and Simone, the assistant superintendent of the police.

How the author climaxed the story left my mind blasted and truly appreciated the commendable work of Devashish. The author uses some unpredictable twists and turns that make the reader more motivated to continue reading the novel. The suspense from the book's introductory part makes the book more fabulous. Devashish also portrays the effects of a traumatic childhood and how it affects the adulthood aspect.

An introduction of the creator behind the idea

Devashish Sardana is the author of the book The Girl in the Glass Case, whose primary storyline is to keep the girls safe and the boys safer. The author has also written other books that have become amazon's bestsellers, such as The Apple, which won second prize in Amazon India pen to publish literary award 2019. He has proven to be a creative and imaginative person because of his increase in popularity since his first book release. Devashish lives in Singapore with his lovely wife.

Friendly conclusion

This book is a psychological thriller whose storyline reads one to be wanting more and more as it is very captivating. The plot revolves around Simone, who has been given a case to find two serial killers; she has devised an excellent trap to get them. Will she be able to trap the serial killer, or will she trap herself? To get these and more exciting books, kindly click Buy Now option at the top. If

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