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The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

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The Power of Your Subconscious Mind


Self–help Book


Joseph Murphy



Book Theme

The message we carry from our upbringing through parents and teachers become our personal stories


10th Grade

​Suggest age

20 years old

Edition of Book

91st Edition

Origin of Book

United States

Weight of Book

8.8 ounces

Formate of Book

Printed copy

Number of Pages


Dimensions of Book

7.44x 0.31x 9.69 inches

We often spend sleepless nights thinking about our life problems, which results in a deterioration in our physical well-being. In this book, Murphy shows us how most life events are due to our conscious and subconscious minds. This article will show us that, through practicing some techniques, we can easily change our destiny, which helps us live in happiness, peace, and prosperity.

The author introduces a principle that we can conquer our fears, achieve professional success, and build harmonious relationships by removing our subconscious obstacles and changing our way of thinking.

How does this book influence your reading choice?

This book gives one a life-changing experience, especially if you are at the most challenging point in your life. Suppose you wonder what the purpose is in your life or why this is happening to you. In that case, this book should be your first choice as it takes you through the healing process by helping you rethink your life and remove any obstacles preventing you from becoming an average person.

After reading this book, I realized that you are the only person who controls your life; you can either choose to press on or give up. Our subconscious mind plays a vital role in our day-to-day thinking. Hence, if you want to accomplish something, you need to be fully absorbed, and your desires will be fulfilled.

An introduction to the creator behind the idea

Joseph Murphy is best known for his motivational classics. His book has had millions of sales since its original publication. The writer has researched the major religions in the world; through his work, he was convinced that there is some excellent power lying behind our spiritual life, and this power resides in each one of us.

Murphy, in his book, talks about how, by only changing our way of thinking, we can achieve most of our life goals. In 1949, Murphy was ordained as a minister of the Los Angeles Divine Science Church, which was later built into one of the largest congregations. In his work, he focused on using the subconscious mind to treat diseases.

Friendly conclusion

In his book, Murphy uses examples to help readers grasp his content quickly. By reading this book, one can heal, banish their fears, sleep better, and live a happy life by following the simple life techniques that the author offers.

The author provides a self-help guide on how you can activate your subconscious mind; he advises people to sleep over things that they can't decide with book. This is the best choice to refer to your friend or someone feeling disoriented for personal purposes. Feel free to shop it by clicking Buy Now option at the top.

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