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Top 5 Ways to increase Business Engagement and Conversion

Updated: Mar 2

Business Engagement and customer Conversion

No business wants to think from the stone age. Brands are now extending the reach of their market globally. They do this through the use of a website. Unlike in the past, most businesses use websites to create engagements with their customer. They are ensuring the conversion of their visitors to customers.

What is the website Engagement and Conversion rate?

The words engagement and conversion in the business world are used collectively. The higher the rate of consumer engagement, the higher the conversion rate.

  • Engagement

It depends on how well a brand can retain customer attention, both old and new. For instance, a website is considered engaging if the site viewers find it friendly and persuasive enough.

  • Conversion

Conversion is the act of converting site viewers into actual clients. Conversion rates are helpful to track your business engagement with your audience.

Why do businesses need this?

Each and every business goal is to make more and more sales; good engagement and result-oriented conversion help to create brand awareness to help skyrocket sales. Not only that, but it creates a sense of loyalty in customers. This builds long-term brand loyalty.

Hence, every business that wants to do well in the digital world must intentionally improve customer engagement, which leads to conversions.

Top 5 ways to increase engagement and conversion

1. User-friendly design and value-adding content.

User-friendly in the sense that users will not have trouble with how slow it is for your website to respond. Since the first impression comes from what happens when they click on your website address to see what lies inside, you do not want to give a bad impression. Just Like the common saying, "First impression lasts longer".

Hence your website must be well-designed such that it is accessible without imprinting any turn-offs in the mind of the users. Also, since engagements have to be between two personalities, then the contents of the website, most especially the homepage or landing page, must be conversational. This is achieved through the expertise of a good copywriter that knows how to grab the site viewers' attention.

The "About Us" page must not just be about the company, unlike the mistake most businesses make, but it must be more about how your establishment as a business can solve the problem of the visitors and why you are the best choice for them. A good copywriter will do justice to this.

2. Add a live chat feature for real-time inquiry and assistance

This particular method is being overlooked by most businesses because they think they can cover the possible questions of their visitors in their "Frequently Asked Questions" section.

However, nowadays, visitors want to communicate more directly with a human agent instead of some pre-written words.

The inclusion of a live chat feature will enable one-on-one engagements, and from there, the visitor's decision-making becomes faster. On the business side, there is a higher chance for conversion when you get to interact with prospects.

3. Include social proof and past achievements.

Visitors are known for checking brand reviews from past clients. A large percentage of people trust the reviews of customers online. Many players in the e-commerce market take advantage of this. Social proof in the form of reviews, star ratings, testimonials, and achievements helps to increase conversion.

4. Automate your website engagements

With artificial intelligence, you could easily help your website get engaged with your audience. This is essential because AI bots will keep your website actively engaged 24/7, even in times when human support will be unavailable.

With the help of AI bots, visitors get instant answers to their inquiries and also interact with visitors based on each visitor's past activities on the website. Banks and many industries use this a lot, and it's yielding more conversion for them.

5. Provide a compelling and persuasive call to action.

It is unprofessional for any business to be like salespeople who are charming talkers but are so weak in converting their audience to buyers. If you don't state to your visitors what to do in a clear, persuasive, and compelling manner, they won't do anything. Influence their actions through compelling and persuasive landing pages.

Friendly Conclusion

The most important tip is to keep track of your audience and update them from time to time by making them join your email lists. Write it out clearly. Do you want them to add a product to their cart? Compel prospects to do so by using appropriate language based on your visitors' situation, condition, and position.

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