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What is LGBTQ (homosexual) Youth?

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

LGBTQ+ Love and Equality Illustration

Let's get down to precisely what LGBTQ stands for? Well, LGBTQ term stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer. So it's a common phrase or an umbrella term for homosexuality or, more specifically, gender identity.

what is a Lesbian?

Lesbian - stands for the females who physically, emotionally, or romantically get attracted to only females or the same gender person. They are identically pronounced as "She." Females who claim to be lesbian don't have to get sexually involved with to same-gender or another female to prove themselves as a lesbian; it totally rallies upon their feelings.

what is a Gay?

Gay - stands for the males who physically, emotionally, or romantically get attracted to only males or the same gender person. They are identically pronounced as "He." same as lesbians; they don't have to get involved in any sexual activity to prove themselves gay. In advance terms, the gay term also refers to lesbians as a gay woman or simply gay.

What is a Bisexual?

Bisexual - stands for the physically, emotionally, or, more specifically, romantically attracted to both same gender or opposite gender person. One may experience this feeling at different times in different ways over their life experience. They don't have to be sexually involved with any of these genders to claim themselves bisexual; it totally rallies upon their choice.

What is a Transgender?

Transgender - stands for those who are born with multi-gender identification, and their core identity depends upon their choice, whether they want to get identified as a male or a female. As they are born with a dysfunctional gender identity, they may experience a hard time molding themselves to one gender and get assigned to a doctor to have body alignment using hormone therapy or may go under surgery.

On a friendly note, people even who are naturally identified as male or female and don't feel fit under their identification and undergo gender transition surgery are also recognized as transgender people, transexuals, or more specifically artificial - transexual as they transformed themselves artificially. Transgender itself is a broad term that includes any third person who is non-identical, including cross-dressers who are universally known as "she - male."

What is a queer?

Queer - stands for the people who are sexually unsure or uncertain about their sexual preference. The queer term could be used differently depending on the situation but moist commonly for things that are unique in their way. As the queer word is such an uncertain pronunciation itself, their sexual preferences decision couldn't rally upon their past sexual experience; they could get sexually involved with one or both gender and yet be confused about their likeness.

friendly conclusion

LGBTQ youth is a growing community and is legally accepted by foremost and more prominent countries. Sadly, they are not being supported socially as much. As we all know, they are unique on their own, and they have been treated differently in different areas of our society from age to current. They are no different from humans, and They must be treated equally as we treat other humans in society because they are ultimately humans.

Infinite Cosmo Studio Team is dedicated to Awareness of LGBTQ rights and providing Friendly Environment to the Youth of today to cope with day-to-day stress and join the growing community to encourage the Journey with Personality Development.

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