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What is the Best Cold Mail Marketing Strategy?

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What can be as profitable as email marketing? Email marketing can yield you a bulk of profit depending on the tactic you employ. This method is undoubtedly the most profitable marketing method any marketer should consider. Surprisingly, the $1 you spend on marketing through email will likely give you a return on investment of around $32 to $45.

This amount is attainable as email users tend to open emails more than ten times daily. This process increases sales of the products being advertised through email. Content marketing strategy using cold mailing can be the right competing tool for a company wishing to increase sales online and reach a large number of people.

Below are seven incredible content marketing strategies for cold mailing.

1. Show your concern

It is a brilliant idea to address your customers by their name whenever addressing them. This is the most underrated strategy yet the most important. It engages your customer so much that they feel back again later. Personalized emails generally are highly selling. It is unique and delivers up to eight times the return on investment of what is spent on marketing. However, it boosts sales upwards.

2. Target your audience

By knowing your subscribers better, you tend to feed them the right email each one of them is interested in. however, this is accomplished by segmenting them as their demand. For example, 5 of your subscribers tend to open emails whenever you share something related to football. That gives a chance to separate those five from the rest. The content idea for cold mailing makes you ensure that the only emails sent to them are those related to football.

3. Be smart phone friendly

In today's era, you won't find someone without a mobile phone; In fact, some people have more than one phone. The report shows that 65% of emails are opened on mobile phones. However, it is essential to make sure your emails can be opened on phones.

4. Write an eye-catching subject line

A marketer needs to understand that a cold mailing strategy is meant to engage their customers in every email, especially when giving them a suitable subject line. Some subject lines are so engaging that you do not need to insist on making your customers open the emails.

However, you should ensure that the subject line does not cheapen the whole content within. For example, subjects like "how to reduce a big tummy in one week." This kind of subject might be useful but again puts you at risk of being labelled to be a scum.

5. Examine everything

By testing every aspect of your emails, from message and subject line, you get to know better what works and what does not—leading you a position to know which subject line attracts more people to open your emails. However, test other things, including inbox rates, subscriptions, replies, and open rates, to make your emails more effective.

6. Follow up with Readers

At times your emails may get so much positive feedback, such as many replies, as well as high sales from your emails. This leads to composing more emails which turns out to bring even more subscriptions as well as bulk sales and huge profits. However, this reaches a point, and everything goes down. Sales drop as well as open rates.

This continues to a point where nobody opens your emails at all. Your work begins to be sent to the trash or reported as spam. What do you do from there? The email has a follow-up tool that you can use to set reminder emails on a certain schedule that does not interfere with your customer's peace.

7. Consider Data is power

The more you study a person or a business, the more likely you will get to understand it and the easy to know what their need is. Having sufficient knowledge of anything creates room for a good relationship. This comes as an added advantage, increasing sales as well as profit.


These seven essential strategies can ensure you can be confident that personalized emails are much more engaging and retain customers. However, the subject line should be written within the boundaries of possibilities. We always encourage you to practice tools and platforms before you invest high. In case you're looking for a team of experienced experts to manage and provide you with digital content, Connect Us for the best working experience and smooth delivery.

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